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Welcome! For four generations and 100 years, Dias Spring Service has been Erie’s full service automotive and truck repair facility. Thank you for your business... and your trust!

Alignment & Suspension

Alignment Services

If it’s got wheels, we can align it! What makes us different? While most repair facilities only use the factory parameters to determine whether or not your vehicle is in alignment, we do the fine tuning required to give you the best results. Some of those corrections include camber and caster correction, correct toe-in and thrust angle, wheel set back and offsets and SAI and turning radius.

We Offer Specialty Vehicle Alignments
· Street Rods
· Classics & Antiques
· Ford Twin I-Beam
· BMWs/Mercedes
· Race & Drag Cars
· Lifted Trucks
· Lower Vehicles
· Modified Suspension

Warning signs you might need an alignment

· Vehicle pulls to the left or right
· Uneven tire wear
· Wanders down the road
· Steering feels “loose”
· Rattles or other noise on bumps
· Makes unusual sounds when turning
· Wheels shake or vibrate
· Excessive tire wear
· Steering wheel no longer centered


Before any quality alignment, a thorough inspection of your suspension is a must! Proper diagnostic and jacking procedures are vital when it comes to checking each suspension for loose or worn parts. Are you aware that each make and model has specific protocol for proper jacking? At Dias Spring Service, we utilize specific vehicle knowledge and experience to ensure that your car or truck’s suspension is thoroughly diagnosed prior to the alignment.

Wheel Balancing

Many times, tire wear is attributed to an out-of-balance tire as opposed to an out-of-alignment vehicle. How do you know which it is? Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to quickly and properly diagnose the issue. For 100 years, we’ve been known as Erie’s experts.

In fact, Dias Spring Service was the first independent alignment shop in the Erie area to have a Hunter Road Force Wheel Balancer. The benefit to our customers is that each wheel is properly balanced according to the characteristics of the rim and tire, resulting in zero road vibration and extending the life of the tires.

If your repair seems like it can’t be done, give us a call. 814.452.3259
Photo showing 4-wheel alignment being performed at Dias Spring Service in Erie, PA.

Dias Spring Service in Erie, PA is your local 4-wheel drive alignment specialist.

Shown:  Brakes being replaced on a car at Dias Spring Service in Erie, PA.

We take care of brakes, struts, tie rod ends – all types of suspension repair.

A very badly bent wheel rim is shown being straightened on the Nitromac machine.

Wheel repair straightening – steel or aluminum. 814.452.3259.

Heavy duty truck getting an alignment by our expert repair technicians at Dias Spring Service.

Heavy duty alignment on trucks, buses, motor homes and trailers.