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Welcome! For four generations and 100 years, Dias Spring Service has been Erie’s full service automotive and truck repair facility. Thank you for your business... and your trust!

Wheel & Rim Straightening

Erie Potholes Killing Your Rims?

Typical Erie Weather – Sunny and warm in January. Freeze, Thaw, Freeze, Thaw. 75 degrees in March. Snow in mid-April. Perfect weather for pot holes; perfect road conditions for bent rims. We joke about having “Pot Hole Season” here in Erie, but the expense and safety risks associated with bent rims are no laughing matter.

Bent rims cause excessive tire wear and vibration and steering and handling issues leading to unsafe travel conditions for you and your family! Bent rims keep tires from sealing correctly – leading to tire pressure issues. Low tire pressure is an often unnoticed issue that will cause major tire wear and unsafe handling conditions. More than 50% of the tires that we dismount from a damaged rim have internal damage, rendering them unsafe.

New Tire Rims are Expensive!

Save hundreds of dollars with Dias Spring Service’s rim repair service. New tire rims for a family sedan or SUV have an average cost of $600-$700. If you have a BMW, Volvo or Mercedes, costs can be upwards of $1,000! And those prices are PER RIM. At Dias Spring Service, we’ve been repairing bent and broken rims since 1948! We’re experts at repairing your rims and getting you back on the road – safely and in a timely manner – and in most cases, under $100!

We Repair Bent & Broken Rims

At Dias Spring Service, we straighten both steel and aluminum rims. Our Nitromac Rim Machine uses state-of-the-art technology for superior results. This technology, coupled with our 70 years of experience, has made us Erie’s premier rim straightening automotive repair shop. Count on Dias Spring Service. We’ll save you time, money and eliminate the aggravation that usually comes with bent or broken rims.

Bent or Broken Rim? Let us repair it and save you time and money! Call today 814.452.3259.
Dias Spring Service in Erie PA is using the Nirtomac rim straightening machine to repair a damaged bent wheel rim.

Our Nitromac Rim Machine uses state of the art technology for superior results. This is an example of the pothole damage we can straighten.

The bent wheel rim shown here is in the process of being straightened at Dias Spring Service.

The damaged rim from above is shown part way through the straightening process.

The damage to this wheel rim has been completely repaired.

Once the straightening process is complete, the rim is ready to go back on your vehicle.